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We have been a leader in ATM private-label industry since 1997 and we offer a commitment to providing secure, reliable Triton automated teller machines backed by dedicated technical support and customer service representatives. We will not place, lease or sell a cash machine that will not be profitable and convenient to operate. We stand behind our guarantees: Treat you with integrity – No Hidden Fees. No-obligation estimates. Top-Notch Customer Support 365 days out of the year! How secure is my ATM on-site? We lag-bolted all ATM machines to the floor.

No. Beyond your initial purchase price (or monthly lease payments), your only ongoing costs will be for a dedicated voice-quality telephone line and electrical outlet. ATM Ontario.ca will supply your receipt rolls, transaction processing, website reporting, and 24-hour toll-free technical support for as long as you process your transactions through us. Some businesses may even qualify for a free placement ATM Machine, in which case you will virtually no monthly expenses.

No. Unlike most full-service financial institution ABMs where motorized card readers take the card inside the cash machine, our ATMs all feature dip-style card readers. The card never leaves the customer’s possession.

If your customer does encounter such a situation, instruct them to contact ATMOntario.caat the toll-free number printed on the transaction receipt.

About 97% of our current locations supply their own cash. Because the cash is loaded on a daily basis, there is not the need for a $50,000 or greater float. Our average location maintains between $1,000 and $5,000 in the machine depending on the forecast for the day’s business. For those merchants who do not wish to self-load their ATM, we also offer cash loading solutions.

Your secure, encrypted card information goes from the ATM to our ‘switch’ called Open Solutions, where we relay the information to Interac to send to your bank for confirmation. Your bank then sends the transaction approval back through Interac to the automated teller machine, and your requested funds are dispensed. The money plus your share of the transaction fee will typically show up in our bank account within 1 business day after the daily settlement.

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